Inquirer’s Class

Have you ever wondered what it means to be Reformed? Are you interested in why we do the things we do, like liturgical worship, infant baptism, or Presbyterian governance? Do you want to know how to become a member, and what we expect from our members? Whether you’re an old member or a new friend, please join us for the Inquirer’s Class and learn more about what we believe.

During the months of April and May, Phil will be teaching an adult education class that we call the Inquirer’s Class.  It intends to provide a space for those who are interested in a deeper understanding of the faith and practices of Stanton Reformed Church, as rooted within the Reformed Church in America and the greater Reformed  theological tradition.  It is also a prerequisite for membership in the church, which is a covenantal relationship with God and with the people of this congregation that we invite all participants in the life of Stanton Church to consider entering.  After the conclusion of the three week Inquirer’s Class, we will offer a Communion Class.  This is designed to offer age-appropriate teaching and reflection about the  mystery and meaning of the Lord’s Supper, for children and adults together.  If you or your child(ren) would like to participate in the Lord’s Supper as we celebrate together in worship, or if you’re just curious about what it means to eat the body and blood of Christ, we highly encourage you to attend the Communion Class, either together with, or independent of the Inquirer’s Class.

Here’s how the schedule will work:

  • The Inquirer’s Class, intended for adults to study the faith and practices of the church, will meet April 29th and May 6th after worship.
  • Children at the Table – June 3rd from 11:30-12:30