Other Ministries

Other outreach opportunities SRC engages in include:

Crop Walk (www.churchworldservice.org)
Help Feed the Need (www.helpfeedtheneed.org)
Good News Home for Women (www.goodnewshome.org)
Hunterdon County Medication Access Partnership (www.hcmap.org)
Meals on Wheels (www.mowaa.org)
Safe in Hunterdon (www.safeinhunterdon.org)
South Branch Watershed Association (www.sbwa.org)

Souper Bowl of Caring (www.souperbowl.org)

Readington Township Social Services-Starfish (www.readingtontwp.org)

HIOC –  Hunterdon Interfaith Outreach Council (www.flemingtonjcc.org)
The Giving Garden
…and many others.